13 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Flower Pots

Traditional planters may be used for various projects and are great for getting your hands dirty. While they are perfect for growing flowers, herbs, and other tiny plants, bulk flower pots have many different uses. Instead of leaving them in their basic clay shape, we’ll demonstrate fun ways to test your artistic abilities. Come with me as I show you some creative approaches to sprucing up your flower vases.


If you want to give traditional clay pots a fresh and modern appearance around the house, try dipping them in a coat of bright white paint. It’s ideal for complementing your succulents or herbs because of the striking contrast with a brilliant green.

Covered In Flower

Gather up some old pieces of fabric, and start to work. This is the pinnacle of decoupage challenges, and we love the notion of using it to alter the look and feel of your pots.

Ombre De Or

All of these accents are so chic it’s ridiculous. The beautiful ombre blue pots have been dipped in a glittering golden finish and will look great on any tabletop or windowsill in your home.

It Is Built Like A Blackboard

Having blackboard details on your pots can greatly facilitate labelling and memory. The labels may be easily reapplied to the pots whenever needed again, and the containers will still look modern.

Five, Fluffy-Printed

These terra cotta containers benefit significantly from a coat of puffy paint. It’s great for giving your prints and designs a fresh feel and texture, making printing and creating a breeze.

Pastel Colour Block

Use pastels for a fresher, more girly vibe. But if you want to seem fresh, go with the colour blocking trend. We’re big fans of the new, refined style and the sweet flavour of the finish.

It Is Embroidered With Stencils

To get a more uniform appearance, use stencils. For a more dynamic appearance, though, use textured paint. Put them together, and you may make something with a lot more pizazz and zing than the typical appearance.

Studded With Precious Stones

There’s always the option of using embellishments in place of paint. The addition of embellishments like gems and sequins may completely transform the style. You won’t believe how simple it is to get this stunning geometric effect with only a little craft glue.

Fallen Flat On One’s Face

Put a human twist to your planters by giving them expressions. Having a craft night with the family may be as easy as doing this.

They Are Presented In A Twined Package

Among the most simple tasks to do. The addition of twine gives your pots a casual beachy look that works with many unconventional decor schemes.

Finished With Lace

You may also decorate a clay vessel with lace. We are putting a feminine spin on the otherwise pristine structure. We like the uniqueness and texture.

Decked Up With Glitter

This is a fun, and fresh way to give your flower pops a little extra something. One of the liveliest and most kid-pleasing sources of creativity is the combination of neon colours and glitter.


Try hand-painting some IKAT prints onto your pots if you have the skill. This is a fun and unique way to decorate, thanks to the various colours and sizes of the prints.



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